Photoshop Dodge and Burn

Anyone who has tried dodging and burning in a darkroom will love this photoshop technique.


In this tutorial I show you how to get the correct exposure for sky and land by performing two RAW conversions on the same file.

Sometimes you get a great picture but have the subject in the wrong place and a wonky horizon. Don’t ditch the photo – follow the simple guidelines in this adobe photoshop free tutorial.

A RAW camera file has much more data than a JPEG or TIFF. This video show you how to get the best from your shots by using this extra information to its best advantage. See more at adobe photoshop elements free tutorial

This tutorial shows how to use the powerful layers feature in photoshop elements.

Darkening a sky

In this video I show you how to darken a sky using simple techniques

OK maybe a bit of an exaggeration, but having had a digital camera for a few years, I was dissapointed by the poorish quality and the lack of flexibility. Here is a serise of videos that will take you through the great features of Photoshop Elements.